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You Care For Your Patients, We Care For You

As individuals, our members are leaders in their communities, innovators among their peers and heroes to their patients. As a collective, our members are the single most powerful voice for protecting the health of our communities and the practice of medicine.

As healthcare continues to change, physicians face unprecedented assaults on the one thing they worked years to attain: the opportunity to care for others. You may not realize the power of your membership. From providing you with practice and personal resources to fighting for legislation that helps you take care of your patients, LACMA and CMA are as dedicated to serving you as you are to serving your patients.

It is important that physicians and medical staff receive the service, support, and guidance they need to help provide quality care and run a successful business.

Please review the suite of partners, benefits, and resources available only to members.

Preferred Partners and Business Support

Business and Personal Banking
Wells Fargo provides an unmatched level of knowledge and healthcare industry acumen on which you can rely when seeking the right solution for your practice. In their role as advocates and financing specialists, their goal is to assist you through every type of career transition – from purchasing or starting a practice, to equipping, expanding or selling your facility.

Business and Workers Comp Insurance
Mercer Health & Benefits Insurance Services offers insurance plans to LACMA members. With expert service and solutions provided by a team of licensed Client Advisors, Mercer offers workers’ comp, health insurance, 10- and 20-year group level-term life, group long-term disability, long-term care, business owner’s policy, group dental and more.

Clinical Communications
TigerText provides a secure text messaging platform, product integration, support services, and data-driven analytics to deliver a proven formula for your success, leading to lower costs, shorter patient wait times, improved quality of care, fewer medical errors, and improved patient satisfaction.

Digital Marketing
Focusing on interactive web design, AVID Design provides turnkey solutions including relevant content, AVID eTools, and their own digital signage system, bringing together marketing insight, technical expertise, and creative inspiration for a customized online presence that is seamlessly functional and always strategic.

Employment Law
The attorneys at WorkWise Law PC can assess your potential liability with regard to your employment practices and guide you towards compliance with state and federal law. They provide an array of personalized legal education/training, employment consulting, and conflict mediation services for any size business.

Electronic Medical Records
athenahealth, Inc. is a leading provider of Best in KLAS services for EHR, care coordination and practice management. athenahealth’s mission and vision are to create a national health information backbone that makes healthcare work as it should and helps providers do well, by doing the right thing.

IT Services
JNTtek is a full-service IT services firm, offering exclusive benefits to LACMA members that cater to each specific practice’s needs in a collaborative environment. JNTtek will perform a free assessment of your server, devices, security, EMR or backup services.

Wealth and Financial Management
Finding a respectable and highly sought advisor in this day and age can be far and few between. That is why LACMA has chosen to work with WestPac Wealth Partners because of their outstanding reputation within the medical community and the respect and trust they have earned by creating customized plans for physicians, while catering to where one is in their career.

WestPac Wealth Partners thrives on organization, education and the ability to perform strategic financial strategies to those in need of a higher standard of planning.

Prescription Assistance
The LACMA Rx Discount Program, provided by United Networks of America and California Rx Card, is a free prescription card that makes prescriptions more affordable for the uninsured and the underinsured, and can also be used to supplement most health insurance plans.

Malpractice Coverage
CAP, a unique medical malpractice liability cooperative whose core product—the Mutual Protection Trust (MPT)—provides medical professional liability protection, practice resources, and risk management tools to over 12,000 of California’s finest physicians.

Recruiting & Staffing
American Career College and West Coast University are the leading academic healthcare institutions in the West, providing a direct link to resources for staffing needs, ranging from nursing to medical office administration.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate
Created for physicians by physicians, Curbside Real Estate helps simplify the property buying process for new and established physicians by providing consultative services for loan matching, realtor networks, and personalized support.

Wealth and Financial Management
The New York Life team helps medical professionals fulfill a robust area of services that focus on protecting, preserving and accumulating your wealth, through taxation, estate, business and personal planning. LACMA members can receive a confidential, thorough and customized analysis of their financial plan.

Resources, Education and Communication

CME Credentialing and Tracking
CMA’s Institute for Medical Quality’s CME Certification Program documents and verifies physicians’ CME activities. When certified by IMQ, physicians’ CME credits will automatically
be accepted by the medical board, saving you time and hassle. Physicians also can request that their CME certification information be sent to hospitals, health plans, specialty societies,
and others for credentialing or membership renewal purposes, without additional charge.

Jury Duty Concierge
Whether you practice in a solo/small group setting or are part of a large group, your time is very limited. LACMA can arrange for physicians to meet their jury-duty service requirements
by offering a one-time call-in on a date and court location of their choice up to six months from the original summons date.

Legal Assistance
Members have free access to CMA’s health law library and legal information line. The health law library is the most comprehensive health law and medical practice resource for California physicians, containing nearly 5,000 pages of up-to-date information on a variety of subjects. CMA’s legal information line provides members with information and resources on a multitude of health-law related issues, ranging from OSHA requirements to the retention of medical records.

Regulatory Updates, Guides, and Resources
Members have free access to the following resources to help you and your staff navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare in California. We aggregate information and resources from all major regulatory and payor agencies to save you time and headaches.

  • On-site Trainings
  • On-demand webinars
  • In-person CME programs
  • Manuals, Training Guides, and How-Tos

Reimbursement and Payor Assistance
The CMA Center for Economic Services (CES) provides members with free one-on-one help with contracting, billing, and payment problems. In the past nine years, CES successfully recouped over $15.5 million from insurance companies on behalf of physician members. Assistance ranges from coaching and education to direct intervention with payors or regulators.

Communications and News
Members stay informed about public health, practice management, and other breaking healthcare news through our free member publications, like the LACMA’s Monday Rx and Physicians News Network, CMA Newswire, CMA Practice Resources, Legislative Hotlists, social media communications and more. Members are also invited to become communications advocates by participating as social media influencers, blog writers, and media spokespeople.


Networking and Leadership


  • Free access to year-round calendar of local educational events, mixers, and recognition programs.

Communications and Media

  • Become a social media ambassador and strengthen your advocacy efforts online by leveraging your networks.
  • Guest blog for LACMA’s website.
  • Stay current on the latest articles, thought leadership pieces, and digital resources.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Join the House of Delegates, the policy-making body of the CMA-the best way for members to influence its advocacy agenda.
  • Submit written testimony online in the Year-Round Resolutions area of the House of Delegates section of the CMA website. Members may also work with or serve on LACMA’s delegation to the CMA.
  • Serve on committees, local leadership boards, elected positions and more to help protect the physician-patient relationship and health of our communities.
  • Become a legislative key contact, build relationships and communicate with elected officials to ensure lawmakers’ decisions are guided by medical experts.

Advocacy and Healthcare Policy

Together, LACMA and CMA compose the largest, most influential medical organizations in Los Angeles and California. LACMA and CMA rely on the involvement of its members to communicate the physician vision of medical care to the public, to lawmakers, and to decision-making regulators. The organization’s policies are set by members and are voted on by elected physician representatives.

What Do Members Advocate For?

Ensuring Access to Quality Medical Care
Strengthening the Health of Local Communities
Advancing Careers in Health
Protecting the Physician-Patient Relationship
Preserving Economic Stability and Fair Payment
Championing Innovation and Technology


House of Delegates   Annual Legislative Lobby Day  Resolution Submission   Key Contact Program



American Career College/West Coast University
Recruiting & Staffing
Contact: Anjelica Trupiano

Electronic Health Records
Contact: Kathryn Stanley

Avid Health
Digital Marketing
Contact: Tom Brand

Best Practice Management
Collections, Billing and Coding
Contact: Maria Wong

Cooperative of American Physicians
Malpractice Coverage
Contact: Bill West

CMA Center for Economic Services
Reimbursement Assistance

Curbside Real Estate
Physician Home Loans
Residential & Commercial Real Estate

IT Services
Contact: Dave Bader

Mercer Business & Workers Comp Insurance

WestPac Wealth Partners
Wealth & Financial Management
Contact: Jonathan Barrera
C 512.423.3250

Clinical Communications

United Networks of America/CA Rx Card
Prescription Assistance
Contact: Eddie Brown

Wells Fargo
Business & Personal Banking
Contact: Jason Schneller

WorkWise Law
Employment Law
Contact: Alexis James


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