WorkWise Law

What They Do

Running a business in California requires knowledge of a complex set of laws.  Workwise Law trains management, creates infrastructure for handling HR issue, and protects businesses to limit their exposure.


  •   Employee Handbooks
  •   Job Description & Essential Duties
  •   FEHA/ADA Legal Compliance
  •   HR Law Training & Workshops
  •   Employee Complaint Investigations
  •   Employment Conflict Resolutions
  •   Interactive Process Guidance & Tools
  •   Performance Improvement Plans
  •   On-Call Employment Questions Advice
  •   Legal Mediation Services

Benefit to LACMA Members

  • -$2500 Annual Package: Includes a full HR Audit and 10 hours of employment law advice.


  • -1 hour free consultation and discounted rates customized to your needs


About WorkWise Law

WorkWise Law is headed by Alexis D. James and Renee N Noy, both who have practiced employment law in California for more than eleven years.

Having worked on both sides of the fence, Alexis and Renee have insight into the challenges that face employers and employees in the workplace as disputes arise.  They believe that the word “counselor” is particularly fitting in their approach to the law, as they listen closely to the needs of their clients, and offer advice based on legal principles and common sense.  Alexis and Renee are trusted consultants who have a keen understanding of what employers must consider to avoid the pitfalls of a time-consuming and costly lawsuit.

Contact: (818) 591-6724