WestPac Wealth Partners

What They Do

What does Jonathan Barrera with WestPac Wealth Partners Do?

Educate and bring awareness to physicians and clinicians so they increase their ability to make informed decisions using key areas such as:

  • RetirementSaving as much taxes as possible during your working years and significantly increasing future retirement savings
  • Exit and Succession PlanningProviding Education and Awareness on transactions resulting in the transition out of, merge or acquisition of a Private Practice at any point in their career
  • Decrease Tax LiabilityEnhance lowering tax liability during a sale and while in retirement
  • Protection and PreservationProtect and preserve assets accumulated during your career in the most tax efficient way possible.

WestPac also:

  • Presents physicians with a comprehensive range of financial services and wealth management products
  • Provides financial strategies that allow physicians to keep as much of their income as possible and transform their earnings to a lasting source of wealth and legacy

About WestPac Wealth Partners

WestPac Wealth Partners is home to financial specialists who have dedicated their careers and professional practice into designing, crafting, and implementing practical and sustainable financial strategies. Operating on a platform built on wealth preservation, protection, and accumulation,

[Jonathan Barrera is WestPac’s exclusive Registered Representative to the Los Angeles County Medical Association. Early in his career in the financial sector, Jonathan worked in the tax, audit and mergers acquisitions in San Diego and Las Vegas.

Today, Jonathan’s work in crafting smart, practical, and sustainable financial solutions has gathered a prominent following from crowds of financially-aware professionals.]

The focus of WestPac Wealth Partners centers on their clients’ vision for their future to create a lasting impact on wealth potential. Uniquely positioned to offer clients access to one of the most comprehensive financial product platforms available today, WestPac Wealth Partners envisions and enhances the clients’ goals by designing a customized strategy and creating a life map to achieve and protect their wealth.

Whether its simply just wanting to review your current tax situation and see how much more you can save with todays new tax laws, looking to prepare for retirement or looking to exit your practice smartly WestPac is there to help.


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