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Two Stories about Immigration and Healthcare

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What do immigration and healthcare have to do with each other? One of the fascinating things about the practice of medicine is that it touches everyone – no matter your socioeconomic status, age, race, level of education, sexual preference, gender, etc.  Everyone needs a doctor at some point in their lives. And because medicine touches the entire population, it also means the big issues we face can become interwoven with healthcare.

President Trump’s recent announcement about DACA might not seem to immediately impact the House of Medicine, but here’s one look at what a change to the DACA rules could mean for residents.

From STAT- I’ve been thinking a lot lately about two little girls, one 6 and the other 8.

Both girls came to America with their parents, who were looking for better opportunities in health care. Both girls watched their parents navigate the American health care system — in one case, as a patient in need of advanced medicine, and in the other, as providers in a profession uneasily reliant on immigrant doctors. Both girls took those experiences to Harvard, and then medical school, and finally, residency, serving patients from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We’re basically the same, Raquel and I. We’re both American. We really don’t know any other country as our home. The only difference is that my family had visas, and then I became an American citizen. Raquel’s family didn’t.

Read the full article here.

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