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Saving Private Practice: The Video

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As part of Saving Private Practice, we spoke with three physicians in private practice who provided inspiration for the campaign. We’d like to share and thank the doctors who participated.

We’re grateful to Boris Bagdasarian, MD, Jonathan Nissanoff, MD and Leila Yoonessi, MD, MPH for their time and helping to articulate the challenges and rewards of private practice.

Dr. Yoonessi is a pediatrician in Long Beach. One of the first things she shared demonstrated one reason many physicians go into medicine. She said, “When you really get to know your patients or you get to see a child get better and you had a part in it, it’s life changing.”

Dr. Nissanoff is an orthopedic surgeon in Century City. He’s also founder of ECURES, to ensure that providers are reimbursed “usual customary and reasonable fees” by insurance carriers for emergency services they provide. He said, “You cannot be a CEO of a company and a service provider and do a good job at both. So what fails? Being the CEO.”

At LACMA our plan is to continue to develop the Saving Private Practice campaign to help physicians with the job of being CEO. The Private Practice Consortium on July 15th will allow physicians to ask experts in different areas of practice management questions specific to their practice. Work/life balance, technology, legislative updates and a chance to meet up with colleagues are all part of the day’s focus. The Consortium will also give us the chance to hear from more physicians and continue to develop the campaign.

Dr. Boris Bagdasarian’s specialty is Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology. He practices out of Glendale. He shared with us the fulfillment he experiences in helping patients deal with illness such as cancer. He’s been a LACMA member for a long time and said, “LACMA is very supportive of doctors in private practice from all aspects.”

We hope you enjoy the video and learning more about a few of our members. If you haven’t registered for the Saving Private Practice Consortium, there are limited spaces still available. You can register here. Look for updates on the campaign on our website and through social media.

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