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Resident Spotlight: Monya De, MD

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LACMA Resident Spotlight

Regulations around the number of hours residents can work, wellness and medical school debt are all big issues for residents. At LACMA, we learn a lot about the pressing issues for our members through our weekly spotlights. Thank you to Dr. Monya De for taking time to share about her work with residents.

But first we asked her why she chose to go in to medicine. Dr. De said, “I can explain science well. I am an investigator and want to get to the bottom of everything.” Curiosity, observation and communication are definitely important qualities for physicians, but Dr. De employs those skills in another way as well. Dr. De is an internist, but she also works as a health journalist. You can check out her most recent story at Paste magazine.

She also works to support residents on issues critical to them. That support includes addressing issues such as risk of suicide, paralyzing debt, divorce, harassment, discrimination, early career burnout, and unemployment (lack of available senior resident positions in fields like surgery; residencies shuttering suddenly due to external factors). Her involvement with organized medicine includes serving on CMA committees and being active with LACMA. “I like being a visible member of the young physician community, advocating for the humane treatment of residents and forward thinking, wellness-oriented care.”

Thank you Dr. De for sharing your drive, passion and experience with us. We look forward to reading more of your work!

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