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Physicians: Get Involved with Gun Violence Prevention

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With another school shooting in the news, its more pertinent than ever for the physician community to find a way to assist in firearm violence prevention.

The U.S. continues to struggle with a firearm violence problem and physicians are in a unique position to assess risk, provide education and catalyze change in behaviors related to gun violence.

CMA’s position statement outlines how physicians can get involved in reducing the risks of gun violence.

“…Our policy needed a call to action for physicians and the medical community to lead and speak out on prevention of firearm violence. Similar to other public health issues that physicians have championed, there exists a responsibility as trusted community figures to be responsive to the harms associated with firearm violence, both as individual clinicians and as community advocates.

Additionally, through their role in routine screening and assessment, physicians are able to counsel and educate their patients about the risks and behaviors known to be associated with the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Physicians and other primary health care professionals are trained to instruct patients and parents in matters of preventable injuries such as water safety, car seats and seat belt use, poison prevention, and can do the same with firearms. While CMA policy opposes gag rules that would prohibit physician discussions of firearm risk and supports counseling as routine inquiry, the Committee wanted to make this a point of emphasis, as providers rarely screen or counsel their patients in such despite evidence that physician counseling about firearm storage can improve safety practices among patients.”

Read more about CMA’s official position statement here.

As part of the growing anti-gun initiative, there will be an Active Shooter Drill taking place on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 at the Carnival Cruise Line Terminal located at the Port of Long Beach (H-4 Terminal).

Participants and volunteer victims are needed and physicians and medical students are welcomed to participate.

All participants will receive a free lunch by the United States Customs and Border Protection, a Dignity Health St. Mary Medical Center Disaster Team T-Shirt, and a Car Disaster Kit at the end of the drill. Sign up to be a part of the drill today!

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