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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sean M. Penwell

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“Digital health means many things to many people, for me it means using technology to deliver better healthcare– The ultimate aim of digital health should be to create technology tools that people enjoy using that also increase healthcare value (positive health outcomes divided by costs). That’s the promise of digital health, that it allows you to have better outcomes, it will be less expensive, and people are going to enjoy using the products.”

– Dr. Sean M. Penwell, MD, Founder and CEO, Healthstar Technologies, Inc.

With regard to the intersection of technology and healthcare, we invited LACMA member, Dr. Sean M. Penwell to reflect on the following topics:

  • Digital health
  • Patient’s role in health management
  • Technology’s role in health management
  • Limitations of access and mHealth
  • Patient-Physician relationships

Patient engagement

About Dr. Sean M. Penwell: Sean has continually sought out innovative ways to improve the lives of his patients. Healthstar was founded with a vision to equip individuals with creative and empowering technologies to achieve optimal health and prevent chronic disease. After graduating from Harvard Medical School on a full scholarship, he spent two years in residency training before leaving to become one of the youngest chief medical officers of a health plan in the United States. He now directs Healthstar as the leading precision health platform. He is licensed to practice medicine in California and enjoys preventing chronic disease by getting barreled in waves all over the world!

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