Patient Care Foundation

The Patient Care Foundation of Los Angeles County has made great strides over the past few years. Efforts made through fundraising and grants have enabled the Los Angeles Patient Care Foundation to provide scholarships to medical students who come from medically underserved areas of Los Angeles County. During these turbulent times, when access to health care is of great concern to citizens, having more doctors in underserved communities is of priority.

Each year, the Patient Care Foundation hosts two fundraising events. The first is an annual charity golf outing hosted by Cassidy Turley. The second is the Los Angeles Healthcare Awards hosted by the Los Angeles County Medical Association. Recipients of the award “Healthcare Champion” have included some of the most prominent contributors to society, including County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas and inventor/entrepreneur, Patrick Soon Shiong, M.D.

As the Patient Care Foundation continues to grow, the Foundation looks forward to awarding scholarships to the next up-and-coming generation of physicians and recognizing those individuals and organizations that improve healthcare in Los Angeles County. The Patient Care Foundation encourages you to support the unified effort to better serving patients in Los Angeles by participating in annual events or by making a donation to the foundation by clicking here.

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