Jonathan Barrera of WestPac Wealth Partners joins LACMA's Platform to Help Physicians Strengthen Their Financial Wellness.

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Partner Spotlight: Jonathan M. Barrera of WestPac Wealth Partners

Jonathan M. Barrera is the exclusive Financial Wellness Advisor to the Los Angeles County Medical Association, serving over 3,000 physicians in the Los Angeles community of medical professionals.

WestPac Wealth Partners may be a new name for many in the LACMA family, but Jonathan M. Barrera’s name is certainly not unfamiliar to LACMA members. Jonathan has spent the past year working with physicians from all modes of practice and specialties on tax planning strategies, debt management, investments, retirement planning and more. Now, as a member of  the WestPac Wealth Partners team, Jonathan has developed a unique and customized planning process exclusively for medical professionals.

Through his extensive experience, Jonathan has found that many physicians have some type of relationship with a financial planner, advisor, insurance agent, accountant, or attorney. Yet, when pieces from each are put together in a holistic manner, he has found that most physicians are financially imbalanced and exposed to unnecessary risks from embedded taxes, lawsuits, lifestyle factors, and inefficient use of assets, to name a few. Those failing to address all of these forces place a downward pressure on their ability to build wealth.

As a result of the new partnership and LACMA’s revamped financial wellness product offerings, all members now have access to their own customized website and financial wellness dashboard that will include The Living Balance Sheet (LBS), a powerful tool that will help achieve financial wellness goals and monitor the steps necessary to allow for optimum account service. The Living Balance sheet will also include The Vault, a critical tool to help stay organized and keep historical data in a secure digital environment.

Like LACMA, Jonathan has a genuine care for the well-being of physicians and our medical community. Together, it is our priority to make sure that physicians are thriving, not just surviving.

Jonathan started his journey specializing in financial education and financial wellness in 2011. Through his time in the financial sector, Jonathan found his tax and accounting background laid a path to helping others understand tax strategies and financial strategies that assist his clients with maximizing their planning potential and keeping as much money as possible in their own pockets.

By teaming up with his client’s advisors, including CPAs, attorneys, and other reliable resources, Jonathan quarterbacks a plan of action to form a strong team relationship that enables diligence and ensures every client’s financial plan is organized, synchronized and operates with persistent attainment.

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