Paragon Private Health

What They Do

Paragon Private Health provides your practice with best-in-class resources which allow you to:

  • Focus on providing wellness-centered patient care rather than running a business
  • Develop a more personalized one-on-one relationship with each patient
  • Invest the time required to:
    • Practice preventive care
    • Create customized wellness plans for each patient
  • Provide your patients with direct access to you
  • Coordinate the care of your patients with sub-specialists and hospitals
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Realize the professional, financial and personal rewards of the care you provide

Benefit to LACMA Members

  • Free data Analysis to understand the opportunity and/or feasibility of your practice to transition to a concierge model

About Paragon Private Health

Paragon Private Health is a best-in-class provider of concierge-type medical practice solutions helping physicians successfully launch customized, concierge programs.

Whether you are a primary care physician or specialist, solo or group, Paragon’s tailored data-driven approach addresses your specific needs and ensures your practice will thrive. Paragon helps physicians who want to completely transition their practice to a concierge model with full conversions, as well as partial hybrid implementations for physicians who want to include concierge medicine as an optional offering.