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Officer Spotlight: C. Freeman, MD, MBA, FAPA

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Officer Spotlight: C. Freeman, MD, MBA, FAPA

“I went into medicine to become a geriatric psychiatrist, which allows me to advocate for patients in a way that no other profession is be able to do.”

Advocate is a word that easily comes to mind when talking with Dr. C. Freeman. We’ve had the chance to sit down and talk with Dr. Freeman on many occasions and the discussion consistently winds around to the work she does with and for her patients, issues of access and barriers to quality care, the benefits of organized medicine and the need for improvement in healthcare delivery in the US.

She shared her thoughts on organized medicine:

“Organized medicine offers the resources and the ability to maintain and revitalize one’s interest in practicing medicine in a meaningful way versus the demeaning and devaluing way that is imposed by onerous guidelines, ever-changing regulations, and meaningless use activities that are made as requirements.  Interacting with peers one can recognize that one is not necessarily practicing in a silo and there are opportunities to learn from best practices.  In addition to interacting with peers and organizational partners, one interacts with policy makers and one learns other effective ways of not only influencing policy, but also helping to establish policies and laws that directly impact patient care in ways that can most effectively be done as a physician.”

Dr. Freeman currently serves on the LACMA Board as Treasurer and in the coming year will be the Incoming President. Her list of professional affiliations is long and impressive. She lists membership in organizations such as the National Medical Association, National Black MBA Association, Charles R. Drew Medical Society, Black Psychiatrists of America and American Psychiatric Association. Her current roles with CMA Member of the Board of Trustees, Ethnic Minority Organization Section Representative and Delegate.

We asked about her goals for the next leadership cycle at LACMA. She said, “My plans for the upcoming year are to continue to facilitate growing the membership, the image, and the presence of LACMA under the leadership of the incoming president, Dr. William Averill.”

Dr. Freeman, we appreciate all that you bring to the table in terms of leadership and commitment. Thank you!

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