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Nurse Practitioner Scope-of-Practice Bill fails in CA Assembly Committee

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SB 491, a bill that would give California’s nurse practitioners more autonomy, failed Tuesday in the CA Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee. Authored by CA Senator Ed Hernandez, the bill would allow nurse practitioners to open practices without any oversight from a trained medical doctor and prescribe dangerous, addictive drugs without supervision.

LACMA physician leaders called, emailed, and met with their local legislators in the weeks leading up to this crucial vote. Thanks to their tremendous outreach, SB 491 failed to move forward. CMA’s Government Relations was able to capitalize on their advocacy to ensure the bill’s defeat.

However, the fight is not yet over: SB 491 was granted reconsideration for next week’s (August 13th) hearing. In addition, SB 492, which would expand the scope of practice for optometrists, will also be heard. As LACMA and CMA strengthen their advocacy efforts, LACMA members will continue contact their local committee members and thank them for supporting patient safety and quality of care.

Below is the record of members who voted no or did not vote during the committee meeting. LA County legislators are in RED—all of whom were met with by LACMA physician leaders. With yesterday’s victory, it is clear that LACMA and CMA hold a clear stake and strong voice in the legislative process. LACMA thanks the following legislators for their continued support of the medical profession:

No Vote:

Assemblymember Brian Jones – Office (916) 319-2071
Assemblymember Brian Maienschein – Office (916) 319-2077
Assemblymember Scott Wilk – Office (916) 319-2038

Not Voting:

Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra – Office (916) 319-2039
Assemblymember Nora Campos – Office (916) 319-2027
Assemblymember Rich Gordon – Office (916) 319-2024
Assemblymember Curt Hagman – Office (916) 319-2055
Assemblymember Chris Holden – Office (916) 319-2041

Contact your local legislator: Find your State Senator here.

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