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Deadline for ACO Enrollment Extended to June 19th!

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LACMA Enters Into Partnership with National ACO and the Next Generation ACO Model

Deadline EXTENDED for Enrollment

LACMA has innovative partnerships with nearly 20 companies to help physicians.  From retail sectors (banking, finance, travel) to service (IT, EMR, Legal) LACMA continues to look for organizations that provide tangible solutions for members.

LACMA has entered into a partnership with National ACO and the NextGen ACO Model that delivers physician shared savings, under the APM shields participating physicians form financial losses under MACRA and pays a 5% bonus for all Fee for Service (FFS) Medicare beneficiaries. National ACO, LLC (“NACO”) was founded in 2012 and is designed specifically for physicians who want to remain independent practitioners and thrive in the current and future value-based health care system.

As a Next Generation Accountable Care Organization (ACO), National ACO provides physician participants and affiliates with tools to improve guidance of healthcare, chronic disease coordination and preventive care decisions, for their Medicare Fee-for-Service patients. The Next Generation Model is evaluated on its ability to deliver better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower growth expenditures.

LACMA members benefit from the tremendous value and potential incentives derived from participation.

The NGACO Model allows more control over your own success. Physicians can be better positioned for continued growth and financial reward with the following benefits:

*Independence and autonomy in practice,
*Higher quality of coordinated care,
*Improved population health management,
*Improved practice efficiency and profitability.

Learn More About the Next Gen ACO Model here.

Learn more about shared savings here.

Learn more about population based savings here.

June 19th Deadline Looming for Interested Participants

The deadline is a CMS requirement for NACO to send a list for potential providers to participate in the upcoming Performance Year (PY) 2019. During this time, CMS will check provider eligibility on PECOS and CMS integrity lists. Additionally, CMS will review the providers’ billing and coding data to determine a preliminary attribution patient list for PY 2019.

Since NACO is a performance-based ACO, NACO selects physicians who participate through IPAs, medical group, and associations. LACMA/CMA provides organizational oversight and value-added services that enhances quality performance through the Next Gen ACO Model of care.

Please contact us if you would like to get started immediately!


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