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Member Spotlight: Dr. Sion Roy

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Member Spotlight: Dr. Sion Roy

We wanted to take a moment to recognize Dr. Sion Roy as one of our everyday heroes at LACMA and in the community. Dr. Roy  is the current Secretary for the LACMA Board and the incoming Treasurer. But his commitment to community service doesn’t stop there. He’s also the Chair of Medical Services at CMA and is a former Board Member. On a local level, he’s co-president of the Santa Monica Democratic Club and serves on the Santa Monica-Malibu School District Health and Safety District Advisory Committee.

Dr. Roy spends his days as a cardiologist at Harbor – UCLA Medical Center. He and his wife, Kathy are expecting their first child. We asked him about why he chose medicine, cardiology and for some thoughts on organized medicine.

Intellectually challenging were the first words Dr. Roy used to describe what drew him to medicine. But helping people was the very next thing he mentioned and elaborated by sharing an early med school experience. In Foundations of Clinical Medicine, the pediatric psychiatrist leading the course was asked why he chose medicine. He said that by practicing medicine, he would have security. But he didn’t mean financial security. He said that he would have the security of knowing that he will have done something worthwhile. This answer made a deep impression on Dr. Roy.

By the second year of medical school, Dr. Roy knew he wanted to go into cardiology. He said, “There are lots of ways to make the patient feel better and feel better quickly.” He pointed to working with patients on lifestyle changes and helping them through what is usually a significant moment in their life. As a doctor at Harbor – UCLA Medical Center, it’s not uncommon to treat patients who haven’t been part of the medical system prior to their need for a cardiologist. Some patients are undocumented. Others are hard working people who come into the medical system with a sudden heart condition. Helping them through this transition is part of what makes medicine meaningful for Dr. Roy.

Aside from helping on an individual level, Dr. Roy recognizes that organized medicine plays another key role. It’s important to shape policy in our “overly complex system” because that makes a difference in the lives of patients. “It’s as important as the day to day contact,” he said.

With an interest in policy and advocacy that started in high school, Dr. Roy has now become an essential part of the LACMA team. We’re grateful for his years of service and many contributions to the organization. And we look forward to seeing how his career path unfolds along with the merging of local and healthcare related policy work.  Thank you Dr. Roy! You inspire us.

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