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Member Spotlight: Dr. Kyle Ragins

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Member Spotlight – We recently had the chance to connect with LACMA member, Dr. Kyle Ragins. He shared about his reason for going into medicine and why he chose his specialty. Dr. Ragins is also a member of the Disaster Healthcare Volunteer Surge Unit committee.

Q: Where you are in your residency and what specialty are you considering?

I am 3rd year resident in emergency medicine at UCLA. I am interested in a future career where I can practice clinically but also take on a role influencing the structure of the health care system in an administrative or policy capacity.

Q: Why did you choose to go into medicine?

I feel that I am extremely lucky in life. I am lucky to be born as a middle class American with opportunities available to me and enough ability to take advantage of those opportunities. There are many in this world who suffer because they are unlucky, either by being struck by poor health or disease or being born into poverty without opportunities. I feel there is a moral imperative for me to use all the luck I have in this world to benefit those who are less lucky than myself. I chose to go into emergency medicine for this reason, so that I would always have the freedom to treat all comers, regardless of whether they are lucky enough to have health insurance and be well-connected to the healthcare system or not.

Q: How are you involved with organized medicine? What benefits do you see in being part of LACMA? 

I am a member of LACMA as well as emergency medicine professional organization ACEP, AAEM, and SAEM. I am also on the board of Doctors for America, a national physician advocacy organization, where I do a lot of work advocating for patients in the health policy creation process. I enjoy being a member of LACMA as it provides an opportunity to network with local physicians and connect with like minded doctors. Especially as a resident, it can help you to find mentors and models of people who you can craft your career in their shape.

Thank you Dr. Ragins! We look forward to working with you as you continue on your career path.

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