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Member Spotlight: Dr. David Ghozland

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Our Physician Spotlight this week goes out to to Dr. David Ghozland, M.D., President of District 5. He’s also been instrumental in planning and promoting the upcoming Walk With A Doc event.

Dr. Ghozland is not only an engaged and contributing member to LACMA, he is an excellent OB/GYN. Dr. Ghozland cares for his patients tremendously, seeks to better the Los Angeles community, and be a resource to others.
“As a solo provider in private practice, working closely with LACMA has given me so many opportunities to expend my network of colleagues, feel more connected to my medical community and learn from others.

With so many changes in medicine that can be confusing such as MACRA, my district is helping local physicians better understand what lays ahead and how to deal with changes occurring everyday by bringing relevant topics in Medicine into our educational Happy hours.

These programs not only educate our district physicians but allows them to meet new colleagues and feel more connected to our wonderful community.”

Thank you, Dr. Ghozland for your hard work and allowing LACMA to be a part of your practice!

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