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Let LACMA Alleviate the Stress of Jury Duty

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Regardless of the size of your practice, getting summoned for jury duty can be very disruptive to your daily obligations as a physician. Your time is limited, and LACMA understands that. That’s why we offer our members an exclusive service that:

  • Arranges for physicians to meet their jury-duty service requirements by offering a one-time call-in on the date of the physician’s choice, up to 6 months from the original summons date.
  • Assists physicians with transferring court locations so that if called in for service, they are able to report to a location that is convenient.

LACMA can help you reduce, reschedule and re-locate your jury duty summons, ensuring your experience as a potential juror is as time efficient and stress-free as possible. To utilize this service, submit a form after registering for jury duty service as written on your summons.

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