LACMA Heals is designed to reach a broad network of our members, local officials, non-profit groups and the community at large to tackle social issues.

Health. Education. Access. Leadership. Service. As part of our new Roadmap Series, we introduce to you, LACMA Heals.

We take these five watchwords at LACMA very seriously.

Health. The health of a community is best assessed by those who live and work within that community. We look to physicians to come forward and share the most pressing issues they see.

Education. LACMA Heals brings an education component to every event and action. Sharing stories proved to be a powerful component of The Searing Journey and one that we’re sure to replicate in other events.

Access. In order for healthcare to reach the community, barriers to access must be addressed. Different populations experience different challenges. Thus, we want to hear your perspective on what “barriers to access” means to you and your patients.

Leadership. LACMA Heals programs create opportunities for social leadership within our physician community. Under LACMA Heals, we bring together LACMA doctors, residents and students to volunteer their services to underserved populations.

Service. We love to hear from you. With your feedback, we are better equipped to serve you with quality programs and best practice resources.

At LACMA, we understand that you treat an array of patients with various needs. LACMA Heals allows us to bring that special understanding and awareness to programs that make a difference in people’s lives.

If you have any suggestions for LACMA Heals programs or would like to become involved, please contact the LACMA Membership Department at membership@lacmanet.org.