Mission Statement

LACMA Grants provides funding to expand the resources available to our Districts and Committees, allowing them to address social issues most pressing to healthcare in Los Angeles.


LACMA Grants is internally funded with support by selected partners and allows LACMA Districts and Committees to apply for funding to address community health needs. A committee comprised of five district presidents, three board members and the LACMA Treasurer will review applications and allocate funding.

The program is designed to encourage Districts and Committees to engage with LACMA partners to create initiatives, summits and programs. Corporate partners are integral to the success of LACMA Grants and represents an opportunity for LACMA to establish innovative, sustainable initiatives that benefit the community.

The strategy for LACMA Grants includes practitioners in solo or small practice as well as physicians employed with large groups and healthcare systems. One use for this platform comes through our partnership with the Department of Public Health (DPH), where LACMA strives to bring together the vital concerns in each LACMA District, with the immediate concerns of DPH for the general public. It is collaborations like this that are eligible for funding through LACMA Grants.

Ultimately, LACMA Grants encourages greater engagement within the Districts and Committees in order to give members opportunities for involvement with LACMA. The program gives physicians an outlet to pursue issues they care about most, recognize community needs and work with corporate partners.

For more information, contact membership@lacmanet.org.