Mission Statement
Common Ground is designed to build connectivity, credibility and engagement across the diverse range of Los Angeles practitioners and LACMA members. With this program, LACMA reaches out to groups within the demographic of our physicians based on ethnicity, race, gender, practice specialty and more.


Part of the vibrant energy and openness to change in Los Angeles comes from its diverse population. LACMA physicians see patients from every community, race, age, socio economic group, gender, sexual orientation.

At LACMA, we reach out across multiple demographics within our organization. We have physicians who connect and relate around factors such as geography, race, ethnicity, gender, and practice specialty. How do we recognize and celebrate the complexity of the organization while still bringing people together?

LACMA Committees formed around these issues started the conversation and have brought attention to issues unique and relevant to specific communities. Common Ground is the next part of that strategy.

Based on member feedback, we see essential community providers, such as solos, ethnic and female practitioners, offering high quality, culturally appropriate care with a strong commitment to community and optimal patient experience. Common Ground combines this experience with LACMA’s consultative approach for a result that is both transformational and tangible for physicians.

As we formalize this strategy, members can look forward to:

  • Common Ground digital, social and print campaigns as a vehicle for engagement and communication.
  • Common Ground Member spotlights via multiple platforms to inspire our members by telling the stories of our heroes and role models.
  • Partnerships with outside groups and organizations will generate awareness, sustained growth, leadership and membership.
  • Educational Summits will further engage members and attract new membership and allow for the continued evolution of the Common Ground program.