Better Together

Mission Statement
Better Together is designed to strengthen LACMA’s outreach, connection and collaboration with specialty organizations and medical societies.


LACMA recognizes that in order to fully serve our physicians and the medical community in Los Angeles, we need to invite many groups to the table. It is important to foster a thoughtful, tangible connection with specialty organizations and medical societies. Better Together achieves this through five components:

  1. Identify the LACMA member champions for the organization and society LACMA engages with.
  2. Reach out to society and organization leadership and conduct a ‘discovery dialogue’ to uncover mutual priorities. One such conversation resulted in LACMA partnering with the American Medical Association to host an event called The Searing Journey.
  3. Create a collaborative framework to strategize on member experience, recruitment, events and marketing resources. By releasing resources across various communications channels, LACMA strives to enhance the sense of community involvement.
  4. Identify new member outreach opportunities through the partnership for both partners by demonstrating the common value of membership. For example, our partnership with the American College of Cardiologists (CA Chapter) led to a collaborative effort that demonstrated tangible benefits for members of both organizations.
  5. Heighten engagement with medical societies and specialized organizations by bringing together multiple groups for conversation and collaboration in order to better target health issues affecting LA County.

Better Together allows LACMA to engage with medical societies and specialty organizations to create alliances that result in increased activity, value and membership for everyone involved. Join us as we move forward with creative collaborations. For more information, contact