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Member Spotlight: Farshid Sam Rahbar, MD

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Member Spotlight: Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar

With each Member Spotlight, we take time to talk with physicians about what draws them to their practice model and contributes to their success. This week we’re featuring an interview with Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar at La Peer Health Systems.

LACMA:  You’ll be giving an innovative presentation in September at the A4M (American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine) in Chicago.  What is your topic? And why is it relevant today?

Dr. Rahbar:  I have two topics to present:

— Intestinal Manifestations of Infectious Diseases with Case Reviews

— SIBO Diagnosis and Treatment with Cases

As clinicians, we desire first to be excellent diagnosticians by Pattern Recognition that prompts appropriate testing. Lately, the concept of chronic low grade cryptic infections or the so called “stealth infections” have received tremendous amount of attention, mainly because of its power to allow clinicians to appreciate the interplay of multisystem involvement in complex or chronic care model. The experience of a young female new to a gastroenterology practice, after having visited numerous physicians, and presenting with altered bowel habits, intractable constipation, malaise, body aches and cognitive dysfunction is a humbling experience–when the final diagnosis is determined to be HHV-6 active viremia by quantitative PCR, plasma LEAD level in toxic range and urine positive for borrelia burgdorferi using HiTaq PCR technology.

LACMA: What should every LACMA physician know about your topic and why?

Dr. Rahbar:  Physicians, their families, and their patients alike are not exempt from Intestinal Manifestations of Infectious Diseases. Infections affect our microbiome in many ways including intraluminal involvement, or cryptic systemic involvement leading to immune dysregulations, food sensitivities, autoimmune presentations, and presentation with autonomic nervous system involvement. Knowledge of pattern recognition and subtleties in clinical presentations are crucial in providing an effective treatment approach to our patients.

LACMA: How do LACMA members reach you?

Dr. Rahbar: The best way is to send an inquiry to Info@LAintegrativeGI.com

LACMA: What else do LACMA members need to know? Share?

Dr. Rahbar:  I’d like to share my bio with you.

Dr. Rahbar is a holistic and an integrative gastroenterologist in Los Angeles. He practiced traditional gastroenterology until 2006, when he realized the need for bringing a functional model of care into his GI practice. In 2007 he completed Integrative Medicine training and obtained ABIHM status. He then completed additional training in Anti-aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine and achieved FAARM board certification through A4M. Afterwards, he completed additional training in functional medicine through IFM, Institute for Functional Medicine.

In 2013, he realized the potential for Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases (TBD) presenting primarily with GI manifestations. This immediately opened the door for further learning, the first of which was ILADS basic training in Oct 2013. By December of 2014 his practice had seen over 100 cases of Lyme and/or TBD presenting with GI manifestations.

In October 2015, Dr. Rahbar presented his experience in a plenary session at the ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) at the annual ILADS scientific conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He is currently serving as a board member of ILADS and its educational committee.

The experience in his practice over the last several years has emphasized the role of infections, acute and chronic, in causing ongoing GI related conditions and symptoms. Dr. Rahbar has significant interest in areas of dysbiosis, SIBO, “leaky gut” and measures that help these conditions. Like many other experts, he believes that integrity of the GI system is crucial to the start of any treatment in functional medicine model involving a “whole-person approach”.

Dr. Rahbar is with La Peer Health Systems, one of LACMA’s invaluable group members.  We appreciate their membership, support and commitment to educating colleagues.

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