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HIPAA Compliance, Patient Data and IT 101

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JNT Tek is our IT provider at LACMA HQ, a partner who works with members and was a popular advisor for doctors at the Saving Private Practice Consortium . We asked them for some insight on HIPAA Compliance, Patient Data and IT because it has to be done right.

They came back with a good checklist, some questions and a few other resources.

  • Are you sending patient data as encrypted files? There’s an easy way to put that in place.
  • Is your malware protectionup to date?
  • How about your website server?

You can find info on all of this on the JNT Tek website. There’s a handy update on cybersecurity too. Let us know if you’d like an introduction over to the team at JNT Tek. They’re providing special deals for LACMA members to save money and they give our members top notch, personalized service.

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