“If you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu…”

In the world of politics, having a seat at the table can make all the difference. Sometimes you are invited and sometimes you need to force yourself into the conversation. LACMA uses all the tools available to promote the care and well-being of patients and to protect public health.

LACMA plays a major role in:


Obesity affects over 17% of children in more than 231 countries around the world. In an effort to reduce obesity levels and $190.2 billion health care costs of obesity-related illnesses, LACMA provides medical students with the opportunity to propose policies and programs for adoption by the County of Los Angeles in an effort to reduce obesity rates among grade school children, in order to promote healthy living and longevity.


LACMA and CMA continue to be the leading advocates for bolstering the state’s Medi-Cal program. In a world where shrinking reimbursement payments are now being viewed as the norm, CMA has fought costly cuts to the state’s Medi-Cal program, and is currently sponsoring legislation that would restore the 10 percent cut to Medi-Cal provider reimbursement rates that was enacted as part of the 2011 State Budget Act.

Affordable Care Act & Covered California

Through aggressive legislative and regulatory advocacy, LACMA and CMA have positioned themselves as the most vocal stakeholders in the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A regular presence at legislative and stakeholder meetings, CMA staff continues to advocate on behalf of physicians as the landmark legislation becomes a reality. LACMA convenes working sessions with each healthcare plan in order to systematically address member concerns. To learn more, please click here.

Public Health

CMA’s sponsored bill package also routinely includes legislation aimed at improving public health. Recent examples include bills to advance immunization in California through education and greater access. Additionally, CMA has looked to decrease obesity in children by removing sugary beverages from school campuses and sponsored legislation to place warning labels on sugar-sweetened beverages.

CMA and LACMA are constantly at the meetings for the Covered California’s Board of Directors, the California State Medical Board, and State Assembly and Senate committees making sure discussion that affect the physician-patient relationship take into consideration both the physician and the patient. With a strong government relations program, LACMA continues to increase both membership and its voice.