pic-female-physician-4When LACMA was founded, it didn’t have a district structure. But as Los Angeles grew both in population and geography, it became clear that a better understanding of local issues was necessary. Local LACMA districts were drawn up according to local needs. Each local district or “branch” developed a board of governors, separate from, but responsible to, the governors of LACMA board of trustees. By 1918, the branches consisted of Pasadena, Pomona, Long Beach, and Santa Monica. Today, there are 10 districts.

The primary goal of LACMA districts is to have constituent physicians educate legislators and other key decision makers on the value of LACMA’s legislative agenda and to demonstrate constituent support for that effort.

The districts promote grassroots activities that make their voices heard with the local and state officials. Effective grassroots mobilization allows physicians to respond to policy changes and influence imminent healthcare issues.

District leaders recruit new members and are responsible for their local membership retention program. If you are interested in learning more about the districts, contacting your district representative, or have suggestions for activities and events, please click here to submit an inquiry.

  • District 1: Metropolitan Los Angeles
  • District 2: Pasadena / San Gabriel Valley
  • District 3: Long Beach
  • District 5: Bay
  • District 6: West San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita Valley
  • District 7: Beverly Hills
  • District 9: Southwest
  • District 10: Southeast
  • District 14: Foothill/Pomona
  • District 17: East San Fernando Valley