Board of Directors


President:  C. Freeman, MD

President-Elect:  Sion Roy, MD

Treasurer:  Diana Shiba, MD

Secretary:   Jeffery Lee, MD

Immediate Past President:  William Averill, MD


Jerry Abraham, MD (1)

Samuel Fink, MD (6)

Kambiz Kosari, MD (6)

Maria Lymberis, MD (5)

Nhat Tran, MD (9)


Robert Bitonte, MD (D1)


Stephanie Booth, MD (D3)

Troy Elander, MD (D5)

Marc Mendes, MD (D6)

David Hopp, MD (D7)

Omer Deen, MD (D9)

Christine Phan, MD (D10)

William Hale, MD (D14)


Roxana Yoonessi, MD, JD (SCPMG)

Heather Silverman, MD (SSGPF)

Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD (1, YP Councilor)

Hector Flores, MD (1, EPC Chair)

Laura Halpin, MD (Resident Councilor)

Sameer Berry, MD (Alt. Resident Councilor)

Ali Tafreshi (Student Councilor, USC)

VACANT, (Alternate Student Councilor)

Trustees & Chair Delegation

Jack Chou, MD, CMA Trustee

Maria Lymberis, MD, Chair of the LACMA Delegation

Peter Richman, MD, CMA Trustee