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A cure for diabetes by 2023?

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City of Hope has a bold vision and the generous funding from the Wanek Family has allowed the team to set their timeline for research and a cure for Diabetes.

The JDRF estimates that approximately 1.25 million Americans have Type 1 Diabetes. They set healthcare costs for Type 1 Diabetes at 14.9 billion in the US. Patients with Type 1 Diabetes face continuous challenges in monitoring and balancing insulin, activity and eating to avoid the devastating conditions that can accompany the disease.

From City of Hope-

City of Hope’s Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute is committed to developing a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D) within six years, fueled by a $50 million funding program led by the Wanek family.

It seems an audacious goal for a comprehensive cancer center, but City of Hope has a long history of groundbreaking work in diabetes. Research conducted by City of Hope led to the development of synthetic human insulin, which is still used today by many of the estimated 1.5 million Americans with T1D and 27 million with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

“City of Hope is best positioned to take on this challenge,” said Robert W. Stone, president and chief executive officer of City of Hope. “This is thanks to our 40-year institutional legacy of pioneering treatment and research advances in diabetes.”

The funding for the transformative research needed to embark on such an endeavor is led by a gift from the Wanek family, which owns Ashley Furniture Industries, the world’s largest home furniture manufacturer.

“City of Hope scientists’ research has revolutionized the understanding and treatment of diabetes,” said Todd Wanek, chief executive officer of Ashley Furniture, speaking on behalf of his family. “It continues today as physicians and scientists gain systemic understanding of diabetes as a complex, multifaceted disease.”

Through the generosity of the family and gifts from an anonymous donor, City of Hope will be able to devote more than $50 million over the next six years to an unprecedented research effort:  The Wanek Family Project for Type 1 Diabetes at City of Hope.

You’ll find the full article, including details of their multi faceted approach here.

We’re excited to watch the progress at City of Hope, a LACMA member group. We’ll share updates as the physicians and researchers at City of Hope find a way to eliminate Type 1 Diabetes.

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