Preferred Partners and Practice Assistance

Practice and Personal Assistance

Members can more than make up for their membership dues and save time and headaches by using LACMA’s carefully selected and ever-growing network of preferred partners who offer exclusive programs and pricing on services that can improve how they treat patients and themselves.

LACMA is committed to providing customized solutions for physicians and their staff, regardless of mode of practice or specialty.

You care of your patients, LACMA cares of you.

  • Auto Discounts
  • Business and Personal Banking
  • Business and Workers Comp Insurance
  • Clinical Communications
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Employment Law
  • Healthcare Law
  • IT Services
  • Malpractice Coverage
  • Next Generation ACO 
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Recruiting & Staffing
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate
  • Resort/Travel Programs
  • Wealth and Financial Management
  • Website Development/Digital Marketing

Companies and organizations interested in partnering with LACMA, should contact us. One-time sponsorships for events are also available. Learn more.