Executive Office

Contact LACMA’s Executive Office if you have general questions, suggestions, complaints or concerns about what LACMA is doing or can do for you as a Los Angeles County physician. Also, contact the Executive Office if you have questions regarding LACMA’s day-to-day business operations.

Chief Executive Officer

Gustavo Friederichsen

My sole purpose as CEO of LACMA is to serve physicians, defend them, protect the practice of medicine and ensure that our organization is more than relevant; it flourishes. I’ve been in healthcare long enough to know a thing or two about medicine but not long enough to stop caring for the sanctity of the physician-patient experience. Hospitals are my second home having served in executive leadership capacities at three large health systems in Southern California: ScrippsHealth (Director of Public Relations/Marketing), Sharp Healthcare (Vice President, Marketing, Communications and International Business) and Palomar Health (Senior Vice President, CMO, Marketing, Communications and Legislative Affairs). Most recently I served as Vice President at Healthgrades, a healthcare technology company. I firmly believe that if it matters to physicians, it matters to me.

Member Services

Contact the Member Services department to join LACMA or if you have questions about your membership and the benefits and services available to you through LACMA & CMA. We’d also love to hear from you with suggestions on how LACMA can increase the value of your membership and better serve you. For more information on events happening in your area or to find out how to get involved, please contact


Contact LACMA’s Governance Department if you have questions regarding LACMA’s Board, Executive, Finance, and Advisory Committees or the LACMA Delegation to the CMA House of Delegates or if you would like to learn more about leadership positions within LACMA.

Director, Governance

Lisa Le

My initial plans to study Pre-Med in college changed, but I stayed in healthcare and have worked in the field ever since. I joined LACMA as Executive Assistant to the CEO in 2008. As Director of Governance and Operations, I work closely with everyone on the LACMA team and our physicians. In this expanded role at LACMA, I continue to build on skills and experience important to me – supporting the doctors who are dedicated to their job of helping people. My days are pretty full juggling career and the needs of my young family. One of my favorite ways to unwind is with a good book. 

Government Affairs

Contact LACMA’s Government Affairs department if you have questions about what LACMA is doing locally, in Sacramento, and in Washington D.C., or if would like additional information about your legislator or to learn more about CMA/LACMA’s legislative agenda. Also, contact Government Affairs if you would like information on the Public Policy Education Fund (PPEF) or would like to become a member and contribute to the Los Angeles County Political Action Committee (LACPAC). Contact LACMA’s CEO, Gustavo Friederichsen to take action.

Rick Keaton Jr

I started my college career on the pre-med track, and although I am still very much fascinated by the healthcare market, I have grown increasingly interested in the legislation driving the industry. Currently, I am a junior at the University of Southern California pursuing a major in Public Policy with a concentration in Health Policy and Management from the Sol Price School of Public Policy, as well as a minor in Public Health from the Keck School of Medicine. Previously, I served as a Leonard D. Schaeffer Government Service Fellow in Sacramento, interning for Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego)—working both with her legislative staff and the Assembly Committee on Appropriations. Although I am new to LACMA, I am committed to fostering collaborative relationships with local, state, and federal government officials in efforts to improve quality, access, and affordability of healthcare within Los Angeles County.

LACMA Districts

LACMA members are spread across the county and organized into ten districts based on location. To find out more about your district, become more involved, list an event or reach out to leadership in your district, please contact LACMA at 213-226-0361.

LACMA Finance

Our Finance Team is available to answer questions regarding membership dues and fees. We work with all of LACMA’s members, committees and districts on financial matters as well as in coordination with CMA.

Director, Finance Department

Eva Moravcik

In 2005, I came to LACMA and found a new challenge in my career in finance. Working for a non profit proved very different because the bottom line doesn’t always get measured in the same way as with for profit companies. I am constantly looking to the budget, but part of our success comes from the services we provide to members. LACMA has been a good challenge for me and it’s rewarding to have a more collaborative work environment. In my free time, hiking, rollerblading and watching LA Kings hockey are favorite things to do.

HR/Accounting Staff

Priscilla Alcantara

My position at LACMA is the first full time job I’ve had in Los Angeles. I’ve been with the organization for 26 years. One big factor in continuing my work with LACMA is the efficient and hardworking Finance staff. There’s fulfillment in being able to assist the members in their membership dues issues. As HR/Payroll Assistant, I always have the staff’s best interest as one of my priorities. I travel to Canada and the Philippines whenever possible to visit family.