Board of Directors

LACMA Board of Directors – Officers


Jerry Abraham, MD Resident/Fellow Councilor
David Aizuss, MD CMA Trustee
Emil Avanes, MD Councilor – District 2
Erik Berg, MD Alt. Resident/Fellow Councilor
Robert Bitonte, MD Councilor – District 1
Stephanie Booth, MD Councilor – District 3
Omer Deen, MD Councilor – District 9
Amanda de la Cerda Alt. Medical Student Councilor/UCLA
Troy Elander, MD Councilor – District 5
Samuel Fink, MD Councilor-At-Large
Hector Flores, MD Ethnic Physicians Committee Rep
Sidney Gold, MD Councilor – District 17
Stephanie Hall, MD Councilor – USC
Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD Young Physician Councilor
David Hopp, MD Councilor – District 7
Marvin Kaplan, MD Chair of LACMA Delegation
Kambiz Kosari, MD Councilor – District 6
Jefferey Lee, MD Councilor-At-Large
Albert Young, MD Councilor – Allied Pacific
Maria Lymberis, MD Councilor-At-Large
Ashish Parekh, MD Councilor – SCPMG
Jinha Park, MD Councilor – District 14
Stacy Songco Medical Student Councilor/UCLA
Heather Silverman, MD Councilor – SSGPF
Diana Shiba, MD VLGPF Trustee
Nhat Tran, MD Councilor-At-Large
Theressia Washington, MD Councilor-At-Large